Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

I don’t know what is my current level, what class should I book?
Do book our evaluation class to get evaluated on your current skill level.
Is it the same on actual slope and on the simulator
It’s different to ski/snowboard on the simulator compared to ski/snowboard on the slope. Ski/snowboard on the simulator requires more precision on the techniques and will help to sharpen and hone your skills before you next hit the slope.
Can I book and use the simulator without instructor?

We requires all practice session to be supervised and coached by our certified instructor for safety regulations.

Can I book your simulator but bring my own instructor?
No. As we need to ensure that all instructors conducting lessons on the simulators are fully trained and certified to teach on the simulator for safety considerations, therefore, we only allow lessons to be conducted by our own instructors.
What is the minimum age to start learning ski/snowboard on the simulator?
Kids older than 7 years onwards can ski/snowboard on the simulator. Any younger than that requires the parent to book a 1:1 private class with the instructor
What is the maximum age to learn ski/snowboard on the simulator?
There isn’t age limit but for 65 years and above we require the person to be near the safety bar. Similar to ski/snowboard on actual slope, ski/snowboard on the simulator is prone to falling down so if one is prone to injury/health issue as a result of falling, we do not encourage him/her to take up ski/snowboard lesson on the simulator.

I have some health issues, Can I learn Ski/Snowboard on the simulator?

Please do consult you doctor on whether ski/snowboard as a sports is suitable for you before signing up.

Can I choose my instructor?

Yes you can. You will need to book a private class with the respective instructor of your choice.