Want to maximise your snowboard experience for the upcoming winter season? Looking forward to being able to snowboard confidently and explore the slopes the resorts have to offer?

Join us for our Indoor Slope Simulator lessons

Introduction to our slope simulator

The ski slope simulator is a treadmill like system with a conveyor that is covered by an artificial carpet that simulate snow conditions. With an adjustable elevation, you can start skiing as soon the carpet starts moving.

Why take our simulator snowboard lesson?

We provide a holistic learning for our snowboard lessons, guided progressively by our reliable instructors. Improve your skills and confidence for the upcoming season for beginners. You can maintain your skills during the off season as well.

Lesson inclusions

  • Snowboard equipment
  • Protective gears & helmet
  • Ski progression passport
Private Lesson Group Lesson of 4
Single Package of 10(10%) Package of 20(20%) Single Package of 10(10%) Package of 20(20%)
Standard Class $300 $2700 $4800 $80 $720 $1280
Peak Hours* Class $400 $3600 $6400 $110 $990 $1760

*Peak hours
Weekdays 6pm to 9pm
Saturday 9am to 9pm
Sunday 9am to 6pm

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Important Note: Register with us first before booking your lesson. To register for your children below the age of 18, please register an account for yourself first before adding a child account.

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1 Raffles Blvd, Level 2 Crescent 2, Singapore 039593

All snowboarders will be assessed by our instructor to determine the skill level.

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